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Wesley Media launched in the mid-1990s with a team of audio experts and a commitment to providing the ideal music for truly personal and unique ceremonies, across any genre and any origin. Since then, we have developed our offering and expanded our knowledge to culminate in an impressive range of solutions which includes vast music and video libraries, bespoke visual tributes, webcasts (broadcasts/streaming) and professional recordings, all bound together by our unique software specifically created for use in ceremony venues. We have always recognised the importance of a seamless and memorable service for everybody involved, whether that be families, loved-ones, or industry professionals. It’s why we take a completely customer-focused approach in all that we do.

We also provide unparalleled music and visual software via a full suite of high-quality AV systems. For more info please contact Simon Martin on 01536 314 924.

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    Here at Wesley Media, we understand that sometimes loved ones can’t always be there to attend a ceremony. Wesley Media Webcasts allow families and friends to be a part of an event without ever leaving their home. All participating Wesley Media venues have cameras installed to capture the event, which is then streamed live through a private login portal that can be shared by invitation only.

    To order a Webcast, please contact your chosen ceremony organiser, mentioning Wesley Media Webcast.

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      Our Music Library

      Wesley Media Music is the result of over 20 years of working with customers to find the exact piece and recording of music for their ceremony. We add over 400 new tracks a week, with new releases being added as soon as they’re publicly available. If you can’t find the music you’re looking for in our library, please make a request and our team will endeavour to find it – 99% of the time, we can. From classical pieces, to this week’s top 40 hits or an all-but-forgotten B-side track.

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        Visual Tributes

        To make an event extra special, Wesley Media Tributes work directly with our clients to create bespoke visual tributes. Our team are experts at creating stories from your memories, and once your music and visuals have been uploaded we make sure everything is crafted into a quality tribute which can be played at your event and saved as a HD quality recording for posterity.

        To order a visual tribute, please contact your chosen ceremony organiser, mentioning Wesley Media Tributes.

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          A Fitting Verse

          Are you looking for a fitting verse to pay tribute to a loved one at their funeral?

          There are many poems that can add a personal touch to a ceremony, so if you are looking for inspiration, here is a few of the Wesley Media team's favourite verses to consider.

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          Wesley - Webcasting

          With a total of over 125,000 plays across most countries of the world Wesley Media’s webcasting and Video On Demand services continue to grow.

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          Personal Touch

          Personal Touch
          Personalising a funeral can help to bring comfort to those saying a final farewell and create a lasting tribute in memory of the loved one.

          Increasingly, funeral ceremonies are seen as a celebration of a person's life, and can take place in settings such as a woodland, beach or even a favourite golf club!

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