Connecting families and friends, wherever they may be.

Here at Wesley Media, we understand that sometimes loved ones can’t always be there to attend a ceremony. Wesley Media Webcasts allow families and friends to be a part of a service without ever leaving their home. All participating Wesley Media venues have cameras installed to capture the service, which is then streamed live through a private login portal that can be shared with only who you choose.

To order a Webcast, please contact your chosen ceremony organiser, mentioning Wesley Media Webcast.

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While issues are rare, due to the nature of the internet, live streaming can be subject to external influences that can cause interruption or disruption to the broadcast and/or recording of services. No guarantee is given that audio/visual data delivered over the internet will be uninterrupted or error-free. Wesley Media will not be liable for any corruption to, delay in receiving or other defects relating to data dispatched over the internet.